Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Time with Lisa Ling

Are we that interesting?

This summer we had the crew of Our America with Lisa Ling in our home. For two days they filmed us being, us. We are unschoolers and they wanted to know how it works for a family. They were mostly interested in our son Joaquin, he has Autism amongst other things. We welcomed them in with open arms, minds and hearts.

Filming the kids

They filmed the kids mostly. It was summer and they filmed the kids doing various things. The kids swam, swung and other things. They made art and origami. They played with animals, we read and went to the museum.

Filming Voice Overs

It was a little surreal having these people in our home. But, they were really nice. All of them were and I know they were also really tired. I was a little upset about the amount of time they filmed Dexter with his video games. They never filmed him playing his guitar or banjo.

Lisa Ling and the Sherman's

The episode aired on Sunday on OWN. I have heard it has reaired a few times. Most of the feedback has been good. Although we have been called a "parody of unschooling" and we have been fat shamed. Life goes on and we are happy just being.

Button and the Sherman Kids

Our America with Lisa Ling: Season 2 Official Trailer

Watch an exclusive preview of what's in store on Season 2 of Our America with Lisa Ling! Plus, Lisa reveals her thoughts about people sharing their deepest, darkest secrets with her while she is investigating some of the most challenging and thought-provoking issues in society today.

Extreme Parenting: Pageant Moms & Football Dads

From pageant parents to a "tiger mom" to parents who opt for radical "un-schooling," Lisa Ling explores the world of extreme parenting and discovers what these moms and dads have in common: they all believe their path is the best for their children.


  1. I'm so glad you made this post, Button. It's very good. You have skills gf!

  2. You rocked the show. And everyone can find something to criticize. People love to find fault. You have a lovely family.

  3. I'm not a big fan of mainstream media coverage of unschooling. But I thought Lisa Ling gave a balanced overview of what is, to most Americans, a completely foreign way to live and learn. Your family was charming.

  4. I love the way your wrote this! I will continue to try to find the episode. Can't wait to see it and you all!

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  6. I am so impressed with your appearance on Our America. I think you are brave, strong and beautiful - in every way. Thank you for being willing to do the show. I fully support you and know that you helped to shift how people view parenting and education in a very good way! Congrats on your experience. Your children learned so much through the opportunity you provided for them, I am sure!
    ~Peace & Love, Dayna

    1. Thank you, Dayna. I had hoped we would represent well. It was a great experience that my kids will forever remember.

  7. It was lovely... and your kids are adorable...