Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Truths About Living with My Alcoholic

A quick note before you read: Jimmy has given me permission to divulge this information. Nobody has heard any of this outside of my best friend and some of it Jimmy.

  1. I never wanted to marry an addict of any sort, yet I went in knowing he was thinking foolishly my love would be enough.
  2. I could never do anything right, and when I thought I had...something new is wrong.
  3. Beer money was priority of any activity and sometimes even the rent.
  4. People thought I was controlling when in fact I was the one being controlled.
  5. Foolishly I enabled him so I would not have to hear his mouth.
  6. His paranoia was so bad, he is no longer living under my roof.
  7. He destroyed friendships and other relationships, sometimes I think purposely.
  8. He hid things so well outside of our walls that, people still think I am over reacting.
  9. My children have suffered, mostly the oldest and the girl child.
  10. The house is more peaceful without him here, sadly.


  1. You know, I relate to a lot of this. I grew up with alcoholic parents and have an addict brother. Every relationship I've ever been in, save for one exception has been with an alcoholic but thankfully, the one I'm with now has chosen sobriety. Lots of love to you. ♥

  2. Jen, I grew up with parents who were both alcoholics and addicts. I have a brother who is an addict. I in my early 20's had my share of issues as well. I am hoping everything turns out for the best. I am glad you have found someone who does not put you through unneeded things.