Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Things:

10 Random Things

1. I like to watch John Goodman movies.
2. I like to watch PBS
3. Some days I wish I could walk out to the beach and surf. But, I live inland.
4. My kids annoy me and bring me joy, often at the same time.
5. I hate having a period. I'd rather stub my toe.
6. I'm secretly planning Maggie's quince.
7. I Ike old music from a record.
8. I have weird small pinkies.
9. Sunlight is awesome medicine 
10. I either have no interest in something or I dive in feet first! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Joaquin and Baseball

Joaquin jad his first baseball game yesterday. He tried his hardest and hr played right feild. It didn't see much action. But, when it did I think he got nervous. The center feild ran to the ball and harness it to Joaquin to throw. It was sweet. 
Joaquin is certain situations is noticed my different socially and emotionally. I think a couple of the kids have picked up on it. I talked to the coaches wife about his needs. 
He likes playing on a mainstream team and I do see him improving over this season. It really is amazing his he powers through and doesn't complain, he powers through it all. Love this kid.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Kids Baseball

The big kids had opening day today. They are all playing baseball, even my Maggie Rae.
It was a nice ceremony, it even included a wedding engagement.

Joaquin is playing for the Rockies. My gosh this kid is growing up! Where does the time go?
The coaches son is very nice to him. Everyone encourages him.

Maggie is playing for the A's. She is the only girl on her team, and is making friends fast. She is the only girl on her team, and has been well received.

My biggest kid, Dexter is playing for the Cubs. He's putting all his heart into it. It's the last year he can play spring ball in this league and his first. 

Two more kids waiting for opening day. That comes in May, Waylon will be in coach pitch and Hezzie in t-ball. 

I feel a lot of change coming on.