Friday, November 30, 2012

On the 29th

Of was crazy. Hezzie was at Loma Linda on an IV waiting for fluid to be extracted from his incision. Oh, I should mention it was cerebral fluid. I had a morning OB appt and was contracting. I was checked and at a five. I was told to go to the hospital.
I drove to Loma Linda to get Jimmy. While waiting for my mom we saw Santa and Hezzie made a gingerbread house. He was upset when we left.
We came to Banning at around 1:30 pm and we welcomes Tanni Rainbow into the world at 6:45 pm. She weighed 9lbs 11ozs and was 20.5 inches long. Shea big and beautiful. Her hair is black. She was born vaginally with no epidural . She came so fast the nurse caught her with one glove. I did no pushing just deep breaths. Big ones!
She's amazing. Hezzie is home now abs we will be home tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ER and what not

My life is pretty much an open book. Chapter 37....Today I'm 38 weeks pregnant with baby number six. Yesterday I was told I was dilated to a three. So instead of finishing up my laundry nesting, I'm at the childrens hospital ER with my four year old. His surgery incision is weeping some sort if fluid and is pulsating. On the plus it's not infected.
The neurosurgeons seem to be allusive right now. They are being tracked like Bigfoot. We know they are in the building, but where? Is that them? Is there some sort if new neurosurgeon mating call we don't know of?
While we wait the four year old plays with some bright Fisher Price blocks, I'm in an uncomfortable plastic chair. All my lady parts hurt, I'm pretty sure my vagina is angry. I'm thirsty, but glad I am not urinating every twenty minutes.
Where are the neurosurgeons? We've got to make sure that the artery isn't communicating with this giant lump on his incision.
I have an OB appt at 8:45 and I'm wondering if I'll make it. Feet are swelling and did I mention I'm thirsty. I'm kinda hungry and the four year old wants water.
He's playing with the blocks lets hope they never become boring.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recovering and Daily Life

Hezzie is doing better. He is talking more and sleeping less during the day. He's been treated well by his brothers. Maggie is at her friends and calls for updates. Today grandpa came to visit. Hezzie said grandpa for the first time, "Bampa, look at dis." My heart jumped.
Waylon plays with Hezzie a lot, the older boys have been busy watching science videos on YouTube. I'm not at all shocked.
Today we also painted empty toilet paper rolls for a craft. He loved that.
This evening we had firewood delivered. Then we had more visitors. His old in home teacher and kids came. It's been over a year since she has worked with him. He remembered her.
He also got mail today. People are so loving and we are thankful for cards and little gifts. He shares them.
Best news of the day...his left eye is opening up!
Joaquin has mastered the grilled cheese Sandwhich. All I can say is yum! Got to love when he learns to cook/bake some thing new. He does it until its delicious and pretty! Pretty awesome for a 10 year old kid.
Now we prepare for baby Tanni! She will be here soon.

That's all for now.


Friday, November 16, 2012


Lots of prayers for healing, that made us possible for Hezzie to come home yesterday. Needless to say, he and I are both happy to be home. Probably more he. He was crying yesterday that he wanted to come home. Broke my heart.
During the early morning hours, he got out of his bed and pulled his foot IV out. So I went back into bed with him. I am glad at 36 weeks pregnant I would fit with him, so he'd be comforted. Most people know hospital beds are not exactly spacious.
The team that worked on him said he was recovering well. He will have swelling for a bit, and see his neurosurgeons partner in two weeks. The neurosurgeon will be teaching overseas. He's that awesome!
Before we left the hospital yesterday, we headed to the playroom. He had fun. That play room is a kids dream!
I feel so blessed at how rapidly everything for his surgery fell into place. It was less than three months after finding out he had the cyst.
He came home to a get well card in the mail. He was excited!
I'll keep updating about him and our everyday life...including a new baby soon.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Neurosurgery Post 1

We checked in at 7 am yesterday. Hezekiah had a sedated MRI before his scheduled surgery. He doesn't do well taking liquid meds, read thick sticky meds, so they went in rectally. Not a fun ordeal for anyone. He had his MRI and woke up about six hours later and played with some toys on the floor. Surgery was scheduled for 1330 and was delayed. The OR was in use and that surgery ran late. He was taken back at roughly 1530 and at 1634 we got a page surgery had begun.
Luckily he had no major bleeding and the surgery was able to be done endoscopicaly. There was some minor bleeding thanks to blood vessels that had formed on s cyst. They also found a blood clot on it. They left the cyst to be absorbed. The body is an amazing thing. We saw him in recovery and he was vomiting from being sedated twice yesterday. He had a CT last night before we ended up being settled into the PICU. He slept well and only vomited a bit more. He doesn't like wearing a diaper or being woken up. I don't blame him.
As I write this he is sedated again for another MRI with CF flow test. I am here watching tv wishing it was already over. Hearing him yell no when they do things to him breaks mommas heart. I know though it's for the best.
I texted the other children this morning and sent pictures. They need to beware of how gentle they need to be with him when we get home. The stitches on his head are knees weakening to say the least. Seeing his left eye swollen shut, that is something else. I prepared myself beforehand by the using the magical powers of Google, yet this morning when he was being  sedated I could not help but cry.