Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ER and what not

My life is pretty much an open book. Chapter 37....Today I'm 38 weeks pregnant with baby number six. Yesterday I was told I was dilated to a three. So instead of finishing up my laundry nesting, I'm at the childrens hospital ER with my four year old. His surgery incision is weeping some sort if fluid and is pulsating. On the plus it's not infected.
The neurosurgeons seem to be allusive right now. They are being tracked like Bigfoot. We know they are in the building, but where? Is that them? Is there some sort if new neurosurgeon mating call we don't know of?
While we wait the four year old plays with some bright Fisher Price blocks, I'm in an uncomfortable plastic chair. All my lady parts hurt, I'm pretty sure my vagina is angry. I'm thirsty, but glad I am not urinating every twenty minutes.
Where are the neurosurgeons? We've got to make sure that the artery isn't communicating with this giant lump on his incision.
I have an OB appt at 8:45 and I'm wondering if I'll make it. Feet are swelling and did I mention I'm thirsty. I'm kinda hungry and the four year old wants water.
He's playing with the blocks lets hope they never become boring.

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