Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just Stuff

Happy Easter everyone!
It has been a pretty full weekend for us. Saturday I took the kids to Oceanside to celebrate one of their cousins birthdays. They played pretty hard all day and slept coming home. We then had a buffet dinner and then came home for the evening. We woke up early and all went to Easter Mass at Our Lady of the Valley. The kids have never been to Easter Mass and were surprised by the sprinkling of the Holy Water.
After Mass we went to Denny's for a cheap breakfast and I ended up with nachos. No gluten for me. I really wanted Moons of My Hammy or a stack of pancakes. I held strong a cried inside. The kids had a nice time and overall enjoyed the morning. We headed to my dads and the kids swam most of the afternoon.
Tanni Rainbow is four months now and thinks just because she can roll around, it's okay to try and scoot.
I really can not imagine my life without anyone of my children. They are all so unique and yet so much alike. I often laugh at my teenage self swearing off marriage and children. I felt I was so above that. My life was planned for the solitude of cat ladydom and typing on old typewriters, of course after I retired from the Marines.  I needed a way to support my book habit....but, that didn't happen.
I was talking with a lady recently about her son going to look at colleges. She reminded me soon that could be me. My stars! The oldest is 21, she lives close to her mamas and has two kids. I didn't think I had to think about another one growing up so soon. In reality Dexter is 13. When did I become the momma to a 13 year old boy? Oh, that's right in November. He is quite the kid, sometimes I have to laugh at the things he says. Sometimes, I have to tell him while respect his opinions I am his momma. He taller than me and is nearly in a size 13 shoe!
Joaquin is 10, and while he is still very young for his age I know he will soon be a teenager. When we have "conversations" he just laughs or walks away. He either is in the mood to know things or really doesn't want to know. He is doing so much better with his potty issues. It's not a miracle type of situation, however it is noticeable. He is also making friends, at his own pace.
Waylon, this kid is something else. He loves Cub Scouts and says he wants to be Eagle by 13. He loves to pray and is learning to voice his frustrations so we can help him. He thinks it's cool that I am his Den Leader and he loves when baby Tanni comes to things.
Hezzie, he is still in recovery mode from his surgery. He has developed a stutter, yet is talking more. He loves to give people things including kisses and hugs.
Maggie is loving Girl Scouts. She has a few collections of toys. She wishes she could be a Cub Scout and loves animals still. She loves to lead adventures and make videos. She is coming more into herself. She has a friend at Girl Scouts who she says is like her. A friend who is emotional and kind.

Jimmy is still in his recovery process, and finding his way back to his faith. He thought going back to the Catholic Church would be a struggle for us and that I would revolt. I have not and now I am more at peace with my spiritual self. The youngest three will be getting baptized soon!  Life is exciting and ecverchanging.

Happy Easter

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Are Alive

We are having just as much fun as ever. We've been doing a lot of cooking together lately and the kids have been exploring the backyard. They love finding bugs and making habitats in jars. 

We have been working on clearing rock from a section of the front yard, and plan on putting in pavers. My dad suggested it because of my cousin, and because at night I have tripped. Yeah, I am great for falling.

I am hoping to have a small prayer area set up by summers end. I love praying outside.

Maggie has some appointments to schedule as does Hezzie.  Life is...a journey.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

trying to keep it clean

The Kitchen After
i have been trying to keep the communal parts of the house's been a struggle since the baby. not blaming her, just love to be with her and the other kids. she's kind of amazing. anyway, back to the house cleaning business. the past few days i have been taking pictures and posting them to the blogs Facebook page. it's sort of an accountability, for me.

i am also trying to keep my mouth clean. i don't know what in the world came over me, but my language was getting pretty foul. maybe it was watching a rereun of Real Housewives of New Jersey. i really don't know. slowly, but surely i am cleaning it up.

Jimmy has been on a wild goose chase to get a copy of his Baptismal records. So far, we have a copy of his First Holy Communion records. It came with a letter about his Baptism. He is on his way to recieving communion. WOOP!
Happy Guy
the little kids planted flowers yesterday. it was plant a flower day. we read more books and Joaquin had an MRI. he did well and without sedation for the first time. he said he pretended he was in a spaceship battling space bandits and the like. he's such a great kid and becoming more than i could ever expect.

At his favorite Subway!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Full Lives

We are leading full lives. Nothing we can not handle.
Joaquin has an MRI on Tuesday. It's been awhile.
Dexter has been studying for the CHSEE. Yes, I know he in only 13. He just rocks like that.
Jimmys work may strike, right now the contact is extended.

Sometimes I need to breathe, so I lay down and nurse the baby while we listen to some NPR Podcast or Catholic Stuff You Should Know. Lost of podcasts get played at home, and an NPR station in the van.

I am shamelessly still trying to get my room clean.


Waylon got a haircut today. He was mostly asleep through it and cried. Poor kids was confused and now he is happy.
Tanni is so long. This girl need to slow down.

That is all

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Daughter Loves Tobuscus

Here are two pictures Maggie made of Tobuscus. The bottom one is of him and her as cats. Yea, cats. Maggie said it would be her dream came true if he showed up for her birthday. I have no clue how to pull that off. Maybe I will buy her a shirt. 
Why does she "love" Tobuscus? Because, he is funny, sings good, plays Minecraft and has sideburns. What else can a lil girl ask for? Oh, yeah loves bacon. Some girls have Justin Beiber or One Direction....not this lil nerdy girl. 
For me, when  I was eight, it was all about David Bowie....