Wednesday, March 13, 2013

trying to keep it clean

The Kitchen After
i have been trying to keep the communal parts of the house's been a struggle since the baby. not blaming her, just love to be with her and the other kids. she's kind of amazing. anyway, back to the house cleaning business. the past few days i have been taking pictures and posting them to the blogs Facebook page. it's sort of an accountability, for me.

i am also trying to keep my mouth clean. i don't know what in the world came over me, but my language was getting pretty foul. maybe it was watching a rereun of Real Housewives of New Jersey. i really don't know. slowly, but surely i am cleaning it up.

Jimmy has been on a wild goose chase to get a copy of his Baptismal records. So far, we have a copy of his First Holy Communion records. It came with a letter about his Baptism. He is on his way to recieving communion. WOOP!
Happy Guy
the little kids planted flowers yesterday. it was plant a flower day. we read more books and Joaquin had an MRI. he did well and without sedation for the first time. he said he pretended he was in a spaceship battling space bandits and the like. he's such a great kid and becoming more than i could ever expect.

At his favorite Subway!

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