Monday, April 23, 2012

Childhood Dreams: The Ramona Pageant

When I was in the latter years of elementary school, we studied California history. We learned about Missions, Native Americans, the Spaniards and some other things I can not remember. Being the curious booger I have always been I always researched more. I read about federal government overruling the sate. I learned about land theft, illness being brought to the Native Californians. Ranchos were overtaken and the unfortunate discrimination of Native Americans and Mexicans. During this school year our class has an unfortunate chicken pox outbreak and I never got to see The Ramona Pageant. Instead I was home for a couple weeks, blistery, itchy and miserable. My birthday was not too long after and I spent that scabby and covered in calamine lotion. I did get to do Hands Across America. Anyhow,

I have for YEARS, YEARS I tell you wanted to see it. There was always a reason not to go and now I have been able to go. My mom received four free tickets from work and gave them to my family. We took the older two and had a great experience. If you have never hear the story of Ramona, you should read it. The story was written by Helen Hunt Jackson and later turned into the outdoor play it is now. It's a beautiful love tragedy that brought tears to my eyes. I won't go into detail, just say we all enjoyed it, and all that this beautiful natural amphitheater has to offer, from a museum to beautiful scenery.

 Ramona Mural 

The Ramona Mural in the museum. 

Me and Jimmy 

 The hubby and I during intermission


 Raquel Tejeda AKA Raquel Welch 


 Ramona and Alessandro kiss (Picture courtesy of Dexter Sherman) 



My Boys and I 

Trolley Ride.... Love, Momma

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Pool Comfy


Yesterday, we had some fun in the pool. Dexter was able to get Hezzie in. Up until that point he was very reluctant to go in. After a bit he was in a tube kicking his feet and spinning in circles. We played bump. I would push his tube against Maggie or Dex and they would "fall" back into the water, then Hezzie would laugh hard.


Waylon has been in the pool daily. He just hung out on the edge, I got him in a tube as well. He was nervous and I reminded him he can reach the bottom. After a few minutes he said "It's like I am floating on a vacation." I had to laugh. I can not wait for more pool fun. Spring is still new and Summer months will find us poolside more.
 Love, Momma

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi, my name is Hezekiah


Hi, my name is Hezekiah. I am three years old and should be sleeping by now, it is after 10 pm afterall. You know what I do when I am up late? Well, I like to line up my big toys and then my little toys. After they are lined up, I like to tuck them in. Usually I will rub my eyes but, I refuse to succumb to sleep so I will wash my headless Iron Man with spray antibacterial hand sanitizer we got for free (mom hates it).

You know what my mom did a little while ago? She turned out the lovingroom light, and I cried. She is tired and didn't want to see my butt. I put on pants and she turned it back on. She tried to snuggle me on the couch and give me lovies but, I said "No!!" and rubbed my eyes some more, then I played with the cardboard box we got from Miss Angie and from the mail today. I love cardboard boxes. Mom said maybe we can paint them, I hope she means me and not her. She likes to paint. She let me paint a picture yesterday, it was a guinea pig.

I had a busy day today and so did mom. Maybe I will go to sleep after I watch YouTube videos from Vat19. My brother Joaquin saved them on the iPad for me. We are really want a giant gummie worm.

Thanks for reading, Hezzie


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enjoying Life


We have been so so busy. The weekend was actually really good. We took the kids to First Peoples Day. It is an annual event put on by The Human Relations Council. We have gone every year they have had it. We got to see wool being spun into yard, iron being forged, clay pots being made and Native dancers. Also, we ate some delicious hot dogs.
Saturday night I went to a Night of Art. I had an amazing time. I wanted to take Maggie but, her internal schedule did not call for it. Hopefully, like Joaquin we can make it more flexible.


Sunday was a birthday party with pizza for my friends child. I always laugh that these pizza places have party rooms, with beer banners. Even when my husband was an alcoholic is confused me. But, such is life.


You know, life has been treating me good. Suprised by pregnancy, I thought the pilot was out in the oven, doing a lot of art and loving my kids with a passion. Loving and adjusting to my husbands medication. Why do I say his medication? He is not himself on it. Something he plans on talking with his psychiatrist about. I am thankful for that.


How can I complain when there is this in my backyard everyday?


Friday, April 13, 2012

Playing with Awesome


Last night Dexter and I went to a viewing for my wonderful and dearly missed Aunt Mollie. After that we headed over to a friends parents house. My friend Shawn Madden was down for a night or two, he put together a little party. Bring you instruments, some food and your kids, that's something like what he said. It was a nice intimate affair, with four acoustic guitars being played. It was amazing that my 12 year old was part of this. I could tell he was nervous but, he went on anyhow. All the older and well versed guitar players were so kind to him. He was excited that he "played with awesome."

This is what kind of thing this unschooling mom does...encourages and sits down while her kids shine.

My friend Shawn playing my favorite song of his...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How a Blog Made Me Cry

Randomly I was reading different Facebook pages. I came upon a link for this article. As I read the blog post not only did I see so much of my darling Maggie, I saw so so much of me. Me as a little girl, as a tween, as a teenager and even me as an adult.
I continued reading more of the blog. I came upon this list, I love lists. I came down to number nine and just sank. My heart sank into a million little pieces. Reading that along with section E. # 1 from the previous article, and I literally lay on my couch and let me heart sink further. Laying there and I was almost in tears. Little snippets of friends who have come and gone, the time invested in these friendships, and the amount of my heart I put into them .... for people just to walk away.
For most of my life I thought I "needed" a large extended group of friend, or a small close knit group. I even tried getting these friends to mingle with each other. All failed attempts at mimicking a part of my parents lives. They are all pretty social beings. Growing up they had friends, all kinds of friends. I thought that is what normal people had, friends around all the time. Turns out that is not my lot in life. I have learned to enjoy what I have.
In real world social situations, including with family I often feel outside of myself. Life there is no appropriate place for me to fit. Sometimes I will latch on to someone I am familiar with if my husband is not with me, or I just sit and watch people. I have learned some ways to deal with it, and sometimes when I compare, I let it get to me.
I will end this post now, it's become a "friend" once told me..."We can't be friends anymore, you are painfully loyal." Are you as baffled as I am.