Monday, April 23, 2012

Childhood Dreams: The Ramona Pageant

When I was in the latter years of elementary school, we studied California history. We learned about Missions, Native Americans, the Spaniards and some other things I can not remember. Being the curious booger I have always been I always researched more. I read about federal government overruling the sate. I learned about land theft, illness being brought to the Native Californians. Ranchos were overtaken and the unfortunate discrimination of Native Americans and Mexicans. During this school year our class has an unfortunate chicken pox outbreak and I never got to see The Ramona Pageant. Instead I was home for a couple weeks, blistery, itchy and miserable. My birthday was not too long after and I spent that scabby and covered in calamine lotion. I did get to do Hands Across America. Anyhow,

I have for YEARS, YEARS I tell you wanted to see it. There was always a reason not to go and now I have been able to go. My mom received four free tickets from work and gave them to my family. We took the older two and had a great experience. If you have never hear the story of Ramona, you should read it. The story was written by Helen Hunt Jackson and later turned into the outdoor play it is now. It's a beautiful love tragedy that brought tears to my eyes. I won't go into detail, just say we all enjoyed it, and all that this beautiful natural amphitheater has to offer, from a museum to beautiful scenery.

 Ramona Mural 

The Ramona Mural in the museum. 

Me and Jimmy 

 The hubby and I during intermission


 Raquel Tejeda AKA Raquel Welch 


 Ramona and Alessandro kiss (Picture courtesy of Dexter Sherman) 



My Boys and I 

Trolley Ride.... Love, Momma

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