Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Pool Comfy


Yesterday, we had some fun in the pool. Dexter was able to get Hezzie in. Up until that point he was very reluctant to go in. After a bit he was in a tube kicking his feet and spinning in circles. We played bump. I would push his tube against Maggie or Dex and they would "fall" back into the water, then Hezzie would laugh hard.


Waylon has been in the pool daily. He just hung out on the edge, I got him in a tube as well. He was nervous and I reminded him he can reach the bottom. After a few minutes he said "It's like I am floating on a vacation." I had to laugh. I can not wait for more pool fun. Spring is still new and Summer months will find us poolside more.
 Love, Momma

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