Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fave Roku Channels

  • netflix
  • amazon prime
  • pbs
  • pbs kids
  • TedTalks
  • Smithsonian

What are yours? How is Hulu plus? How do your kids learn with these channels?

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Turtle and Tortoise Show

Yesterday, we visited a Turtles and Tortoise Show put on my the California Turtles and Tortoise Club of the Inland Empire. ( It really was a nice event. Not too big, which was good four our kids. They got to see turtles and tortoises in all stages of development. The kids have always loved these types of animals as we used to have red eared sliders.
Did you know that omnivore turtles and tortoises don't eat fruit? Neither did I? The kids asked a lot of questions and even answered some from the volunteers. 
The kids learned about building a habitat to rescue a turtle or tortoise. Specifically an outside one. Sometimes they come in pairs. They learned how they are paired. It's really interesting. We learned about different conservation efforts in our area.

Links to Learn More:

Saving the Tortoise:
Turtle Adoptions:
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Print and Go Coloring Book :
Salina Public Library Turtle Cam"
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Turtle Crafts on Pinterest"

On Netflix:
Turtle: The Incredible Journey

Books we have actually used.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Local History and Home Depot

We started out Saturday at Home Depots Kids Workshop. Joaquin, Maggie, Waylon and Hezzie made a Home Depot truck. They all had so much fun. I had to help Joaquin quite a bit, he still has a hard time using his hands. I never realized until recently how severe it is. Hoping his referral for OT comes back soon. Anyhow, they loved hammering and painting.

One thing that they kids love is these toys are workable. They can play with them and they will take very good care of them. They work hard and they love what they see at the end of it all.

After Home Depot we headed into Redlands. Well, into the rural area of Redlands. We went to a one room school house. The name is San Timoteo Canyon Schoolhouse. This is the schoolhouse where my great grandmother Susan Chavez was enrolled. To me it was just amazing, the kids and I got to sit in a few of the original desks.

The lady acting as the teacher was so very nice. She and another lady had quite a bit of information. We saw pictures from the 1920's and was given info on how I may be able to see earlier pictures.

The kids really enjoyed sitting in the desks, writing on the mini chalkboards and looking at the McGuffey Readers. They remembered when we had some and saw some up in Oak Glen. I think they could have stayed there all day. We are looking forward to returning soon with my my mom and to go back for yearly pictures. We will also return in December for a Christmas Party.

We then ventured to the A.K. Smiley Library in Redlands. They have the most beautiful stained glass windows in the Childrens Library. They are so colorful...I can not even put into words, the kids just loved looking at them.

We walked out the back door and across some grass to the Lincoln Memorial Shrine. That was just as wonderful. The younger kids learned more about slavery, the Civil War and all that it entailed.

There was some photography going on for a quincenera. I told the kids that when Maggie and Tanni turn 15, they will have one. Maggie says she wants hers to be dark blue, silver and maybe white or black. She isn't sure. It made me long to have had my very own. Sadly, my own grandfather passed away before he could give me the one he had promised. I would have rather have had him in my life, that a quince with beautiful emerald green dresses.

Okay, I went off topic. But, we had a fun day. A long day. Much to my surprise, I didn't get tired from driving around. WOOP!

We learned a lot today. We learn everyday.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
 Mahatma Gandhi


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Geography and Pi's

Happy Birthday Colorado! Joaquin loves maps and geography. So today we emailed the Gov. of Colorado asking for a map. We are hoping it comes through.

Meanwhile we ordered books and Joaquins birthday gifts.
I can not believe he will be 11. We are excited by all the progress he made this year. More on that later.

I can not wait to get the books and the Raspberry Pi for Joaquin. Thanks Ed S. for info on the Pi and Kraig H. for info on the Pi Book.

Unschooling FTW!