Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Things:

10 Random Things

1. I like to watch John Goodman movies.
2. I like to watch PBS
3. Some days I wish I could walk out to the beach and surf. But, I live inland.
4. My kids annoy me and bring me joy, often at the same time.
5. I hate having a period. I'd rather stub my toe.
6. I'm secretly planning Maggie's quince.
7. I Ike old music from a record.
8. I have weird small pinkies.
9. Sunlight is awesome medicine 
10. I either have no interest in something or I dive in feet first! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Joaquin and Baseball

Joaquin jad his first baseball game yesterday. He tried his hardest and hr played right feild. It didn't see much action. But, when it did I think he got nervous. The center feild ran to the ball and harness it to Joaquin to throw. It was sweet. 
Joaquin is certain situations is noticed my different socially and emotionally. I think a couple of the kids have picked up on it. I talked to the coaches wife about his needs. 
He likes playing on a mainstream team and I do see him improving over this season. It really is amazing his he powers through and doesn't complain, he powers through it all. Love this kid.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Kids Baseball

The big kids had opening day today. They are all playing baseball, even my Maggie Rae.
It was a nice ceremony, it even included a wedding engagement.

Joaquin is playing for the Rockies. My gosh this kid is growing up! Where does the time go?
The coaches son is very nice to him. Everyone encourages him.

Maggie is playing for the A's. She is the only girl on her team, and is making friends fast. She is the only girl on her team, and has been well received.

My biggest kid, Dexter is playing for the Cubs. He's putting all his heart into it. It's the last year he can play spring ball in this league and his first. 

Two more kids waiting for opening day. That comes in May, Waylon will be in coach pitch and Hezzie in t-ball. 

I feel a lot of change coming on.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life of Play

From early morning this little on loves to play. I watch her, often from a distance. Her little hand explores textures and shapes. As the sun breaks through the spring fog she likes to press her little nose against a cold spring window. She looks out at cars passing by while she holds a plastic dinosaur in her hand. She growls and chases one of the foster kittens, the puppy follows her closely. 
She sits on one of the outward facing bookcases and stares intently at brightly adorned pages full of fire trucks and animals. She points and laughs.
She crawls upon my lap and nurses upon my breasts. Her blue eyes gaze into my brown ones. Her tiny hands wrap around my finger. She sleeps, I sleep.

The sun has set and by this time numerous colorful cloth diapers have been changed. She is on the rug playing with Legos. She's happy and talking to the blocks. 
She's happy in her life of play.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cleaning Up

Working on my house for Lent. I've got to get the laziness out of me.

My dad is bringing us some new chairs for the gathering room. That means pulling out old and delapitated couches. That means rearranging and decorating changed to the gathering room.
It also means being somewhat jealous of the clean streamlined spaces I see on Apartment Therapy and the beautiful, colorful paint jobs on Offbeat Home. 
My gathering room is a modge podge of craigslist curbs alerts, thrift shop finds and remenants from people who have passed. While I'm no way embarrassed of my home, sometimes I'm jealous of the internet homes, sometimes I wish I had the money for several ikea items instead of paying for baseball for six kids. 
Somerimes I wish I had a nice console stereo and tons of vinyl and not tons of toys. 
This is the life I chose. Fingerprints, tubs of toys and furniture that doesn't match. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Lent began on Wednesday. The kids and I went to Mass. They were pretty excited and except for Dexter, this was everyone else's first Ash Wednesday experience. They liked it and are enjoying Lent.
Waylon gave up Minecraft. That's pretty awesome.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Reasons: Why I Might Cancel

1: My son has a seizure. It's not very often anymore. But, he's not himself afterwards and needs to be watched after.

2. My daughters mania is plummeting and this is followed by things I don't care to mention. It usually means she needs an emergency med. 

3. Someone in my home is starting a new medication, and probably needs to be watched. Never know how antipsychotics and anti epileptics will work or not work.

4. One of our pets dies. This happens and my kids are always very upset. Circle of life, but I need to console.

5. My kids get a last minute call in to a specialists. Sometimes waits are up to 6 months.

6. My husband is having a bad day and just wants to have us home. 

7. I'm having a bad day and need a time out.

8. Family emergency. I have a large extended family. Often times you just have to show up.

9. Friend emergency. Not that you're not important to me, but when someone is in crisis...they know who to call.

10. Marc Harmon is at my door....

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yo ho ho

And a bottle of....something 

I woke up emotional and wanting some Chinese food. 
Weird dreams leave me feeling empty, tricked and unloved. But, I know they are just dreams.

Why do dreams ruffle my feather? Tug at my heart strings so much?

I woke up next to a smiling one year old girl. Her blue eyes and long eyelashes bringing in hope for a good day.

The skies outside are grey and the earth is cold. Inside my home it's warm and lit by lights. Fluffy pancakes and eggs fill my belly. 

I'm surrounded by Girl Scout cookies and hope. Ponies and other toys bring smiles.
Today is Wednesday.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

So yea

Joaquin had anxiety from losing his hair. So he started to pull it out. So we shaved it off. I really hate shaving off my boys hairs. No, really I do. I want them to grow it out into a long braid until there are around 16, then they can give me the braid. Weird, I know.

All the boys decided to join in and make him feel good. 

Hezzie likes doing semi traditional homeschooling things. So this just happened.

The kids have been enjoying books from the library. Joaquin really loves this Magic Treehouse books. He flies right through them. That makes this momma happy.
Driving out of town for therapy gets costly. I'm trying to find ways to stretch my dollars, get my kids the help they need and have money for some sort of savings.

Maggie is doing a lot better on reading. She's come a long way. 

Also, who said my kids could jump shoe sizes? Maggie wears a seven in woman's and Joaquin a nine in mens! 


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Teach to Her Strengths

Those are the words I heard today. Maggie went in to see if she had the markers for NF, and apparently she does not. The geneticist was pretty good and he was friendly. 

He asked about her learning differences and he gave his advice. Also, we will need to look into an ASD evaluation. 

I'm thankful for all of the info.
I'm thankful for all the encouragement.
I'm thankful for good doctors.

New Year

I rang in the new year sleeping in my bed.  A few of the kids stayed up late, watched Netflix and drank sparkling apple cider.

We ate pozole with fresh tortillas on New Year's Day. We mostly lounged around, but did get the Christmas tree down. It's always bittersweet, but it's a sign if a new year. New year, new memories. 

We picked up Waylons new pet, Toothless. He's a bearded dragon that belonged to a close friends husband. Waylon can't wait to get a leash and walk him. It'll be pretty fun for him. 

I'm not making any resolutions, but more like a bucket list of things to do this year.

1. Get curtain rods for the living room.
2. Add another level to our Girl Scout troop.
3. Get the little kids baptized.
4. Get the older kids in CCD
5. Go camping as a family.
6. Grow a garden.
7. Build a chicken coop.
8. Build a tortoise habitat. 
9. Get married in the church.
10. First Aid/CPR trained.

Let's see how much I can get done.