Sunday, January 19, 2014

So yea

Joaquin had anxiety from losing his hair. So he started to pull it out. So we shaved it off. I really hate shaving off my boys hairs. No, really I do. I want them to grow it out into a long braid until there are around 16, then they can give me the braid. Weird, I know.

All the boys decided to join in and make him feel good. 

Hezzie likes doing semi traditional homeschooling things. So this just happened.

The kids have been enjoying books from the library. Joaquin really loves this Magic Treehouse books. He flies right through them. That makes this momma happy.
Driving out of town for therapy gets costly. I'm trying to find ways to stretch my dollars, get my kids the help they need and have money for some sort of savings.

Maggie is doing a lot better on reading. She's come a long way. 

Also, who said my kids could jump shoe sizes? Maggie wears a seven in woman's and Joaquin a nine in mens! 


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