Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life of Play

From early morning this little on loves to play. I watch her, often from a distance. Her little hand explores textures and shapes. As the sun breaks through the spring fog she likes to press her little nose against a cold spring window. She looks out at cars passing by while she holds a plastic dinosaur in her hand. She growls and chases one of the foster kittens, the puppy follows her closely. 
She sits on one of the outward facing bookcases and stares intently at brightly adorned pages full of fire trucks and animals. She points and laughs.
She crawls upon my lap and nurses upon my breasts. Her blue eyes gaze into my brown ones. Her tiny hands wrap around my finger. She sleeps, I sleep.

The sun has set and by this time numerous colorful cloth diapers have been changed. She is on the rug playing with Legos. She's happy and talking to the blocks. 
She's happy in her life of play.

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