Tuesday, March 4, 2014

10 Reasons: Why I Might Cancel

1: My son has a seizure. It's not very often anymore. But, he's not himself afterwards and needs to be watched after.

2. My daughters mania is plummeting and this is followed by things I don't care to mention. It usually means she needs an emergency med. 

3. Someone in my home is starting a new medication, and probably needs to be watched. Never know how antipsychotics and anti epileptics will work or not work.

4. One of our pets dies. This happens and my kids are always very upset. Circle of life, but I need to console.

5. My kids get a last minute call in to a specialists. Sometimes waits are up to 6 months.

6. My husband is having a bad day and just wants to have us home. 

7. I'm having a bad day and need a time out.

8. Family emergency. I have a large extended family. Often times you just have to show up.

9. Friend emergency. Not that you're not important to me, but when someone is in crisis...they know who to call.

10. Marc Harmon is at my door....

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