Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cleaning Up

Working on my house for Lent. I've got to get the laziness out of me.

My dad is bringing us some new chairs for the gathering room. That means pulling out old and delapitated couches. That means rearranging and decorating changed to the gathering room.
It also means being somewhat jealous of the clean streamlined spaces I see on Apartment Therapy and the beautiful, colorful paint jobs on Offbeat Home. 
My gathering room is a modge podge of craigslist curbs alerts, thrift shop finds and remenants from people who have passed. While I'm no way embarrassed of my home, sometimes I'm jealous of the internet homes, sometimes I wish I had the money for several ikea items instead of paying for baseball for six kids. 
Somerimes I wish I had a nice console stereo and tons of vinyl and not tons of toys. 
This is the life I chose. Fingerprints, tubs of toys and furniture that doesn't match. 

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