Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi, my name is Hezekiah


Hi, my name is Hezekiah. I am three years old and should be sleeping by now, it is after 10 pm afterall. You know what I do when I am up late? Well, I like to line up my big toys and then my little toys. After they are lined up, I like to tuck them in. Usually I will rub my eyes but, I refuse to succumb to sleep so I will wash my headless Iron Man with spray antibacterial hand sanitizer we got for free (mom hates it).

You know what my mom did a little while ago? She turned out the lovingroom light, and I cried. She is tired and didn't want to see my butt. I put on pants and she turned it back on. She tried to snuggle me on the couch and give me lovies but, I said "No!!" and rubbed my eyes some more, then I played with the cardboard box we got from Miss Angie and from the mail today. I love cardboard boxes. Mom said maybe we can paint them, I hope she means me and not her. She likes to paint. She let me paint a picture yesterday, it was a guinea pig.

I had a busy day today and so did mom. Maybe I will go to sleep after I watch YouTube videos from Vat19. My brother Joaquin saved them on the iPad for me. We are really want a giant gummie worm.

Thanks for reading, Hezzie


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