Monday, March 11, 2013

Full Lives

We are leading full lives. Nothing we can not handle.
Joaquin has an MRI on Tuesday. It's been awhile.
Dexter has been studying for the CHSEE. Yes, I know he in only 13. He just rocks like that.
Jimmys work may strike, right now the contact is extended.

Sometimes I need to breathe, so I lay down and nurse the baby while we listen to some NPR Podcast or Catholic Stuff You Should Know. Lost of podcasts get played at home, and an NPR station in the van.

I am shamelessly still trying to get my room clean.


Waylon got a haircut today. He was mostly asleep through it and cried. Poor kids was confused and now he is happy.
Tanni is so long. This girl need to slow down.

That is all

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