Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Neurosurgery Post 1

We checked in at 7 am yesterday. Hezekiah had a sedated MRI before his scheduled surgery. He doesn't do well taking liquid meds, read thick sticky meds, so they went in rectally. Not a fun ordeal for anyone. He had his MRI and woke up about six hours later and played with some toys on the floor. Surgery was scheduled for 1330 and was delayed. The OR was in use and that surgery ran late. He was taken back at roughly 1530 and at 1634 we got a page surgery had begun.
Luckily he had no major bleeding and the surgery was able to be done endoscopicaly. There was some minor bleeding thanks to blood vessels that had formed on s cyst. They also found a blood clot on it. They left the cyst to be absorbed. The body is an amazing thing. We saw him in recovery and he was vomiting from being sedated twice yesterday. He had a CT last night before we ended up being settled into the PICU. He slept well and only vomited a bit more. He doesn't like wearing a diaper or being woken up. I don't blame him.
As I write this he is sedated again for another MRI with CF flow test. I am here watching tv wishing it was already over. Hearing him yell no when they do things to him breaks mommas heart. I know though it's for the best.
I texted the other children this morning and sent pictures. They need to beware of how gentle they need to be with him when we get home. The stitches on his head are knees weakening to say the least. Seeing his left eye swollen shut, that is something else. I prepared myself beforehand by the using the magical powers of Google, yet this morning when he was being  sedated I could not help but cry.


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