Friday, November 16, 2012


Lots of prayers for healing, that made us possible for Hezzie to come home yesterday. Needless to say, he and I are both happy to be home. Probably more he. He was crying yesterday that he wanted to come home. Broke my heart.
During the early morning hours, he got out of his bed and pulled his foot IV out. So I went back into bed with him. I am glad at 36 weeks pregnant I would fit with him, so he'd be comforted. Most people know hospital beds are not exactly spacious.
The team that worked on him said he was recovering well. He will have swelling for a bit, and see his neurosurgeons partner in two weeks. The neurosurgeon will be teaching overseas. He's that awesome!
Before we left the hospital yesterday, we headed to the playroom. He had fun. That play room is a kids dream!
I feel so blessed at how rapidly everything for his surgery fell into place. It was less than three months after finding out he had the cyst.
He came home to a get well card in the mail. He was excited!
I'll keep updating about him and our everyday life...including a new baby soon.


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