Monday, December 12, 2011

Trees and Parades

Kids at the Tree Farm

This kids and I started off the weekend with a trip to Live Oak Tree Farm. I know they look all bundled, and I promise you when we left it was about 40 degrees and when we get there it was near 70 degrees. For some reason Joaquin always looks confused, although he really isn't.


We got to learn about all sorts of trees. We got to learn about their leaves. The kids loved saying deciduous and evergreen. They thought coniferous was a funny word. Our tour guide was quite nice.

Playing with leaves

Hezzie had a blast playing in the piles of leaves. Really, I should have jumped in it as well. We all should have.

Feeding Animals
Animals are all over this place. They have birds, horses and a bounty of other creatures. We got to go in the petting zoo. This is always a treat for our animal loving family.

Tree Farm Family

Mandatory picture of momma and her tribe.

Not many pictures of Saturday night. But, here are Dexter and Maggie. We were in a float for the music shop where Dexter takes his guitar lessons. It was such a blast.

I hope you all had fun and memory filled weekends.

Momma and her tribe

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! That's the blogs I love to read from you. :-) You are such a strong, amazing and beautiful woman. Love you! ~Bren