Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend in Review

Took the boys to the parade. Maggie was at a sleepover. We had such a good time. However, we had to skip out early since Joaquin was cold and Dexter was getting a headache. We saw some great floats and marching bands.

Saturday night Dexter had a concert. He got to play one blues jam with his guitar instructor and a few other people. It was so very cold since the town it was at is at the base of a mountain. The wind was cold and crisp. Hot apple cider warmed me up and when Dexter was done playing we escaped to our warm van and headed home.

Merry Christmas

This morning the kids went to Wal-Mart and had a picture done with Santa. I had to giggle at Joaquin and Maggie making funny faces. This is who they are, silly and unpredictable. Oh, and it was pretty amazing to see a Pokemon jump in the mix.

We spent part of the afternoon at a friends house for a birthday party. There were games, a jumper for the small kids and plenty of food. It was so much fun and always great to see my friend. We have been in each others lives since we were 11. WOW! I feel old now.

Once we made it home...gingerbread houses were on! The kids had a blast and it was fun to see what they created. Have I mentioned I love them? Because, I really do.

Love and Life
Button and the Sherman Kids

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