Friday, December 30, 2011

10 Things I Gave Up Being Married to an Alcoholic Part 3/3

This will actually be 3/4. Number 10 is a big one and may be long. I will be working on it for tomorrow.

7. Community Involvement

Since I was old enough to volunteer and be out in the community I was. I would volunteer and be in community groups. It was honestly out of my comfort zone and even as an adult I would be awkward and out of place....nonetheless I would do it. I was in the recent past involved in a community garden and two other community groups. All except the community garden only took me out of the home once or twice a month. I'd get random comments like "I guess I will stay home with the kids." He knew good and well the kids and him were welcomed to be involved in this programs. I even took Maggie to a couple of the groups meetings. She was a hit. But, over time little comments and faces got to me, I gave in and gave these wonderful things up.
I am planning on rejoining these groups and being involved as much as I can, and hopefully bringing my family a long. Again, these walls house me but, don't make me.

8.Driving Long Distances

This one is a doozy. When I was younger and first had my license I would drive all over the place. I remember being in Kansas and even getting lost on a highway once, quite the treat. When I moved to North Carolina I drove quite a bit as well. In fact I was a driver in the Marines and got to navigate 5 tons on two lane highways in the rain. When we moved to Texas I would drive to the lake when I was pregnant with Dexter by myself just to get away. I would lay and sun soak my growing belly. Life was amazing, I was free.
Little suggestions about driving too far away was dangerous for me, or pointing out that I get tired when I drive...I stopped driving anywhere over an hour away, I tend to get anxiety now. But, no more....adventures await me and I am looking forward to them.

9. Travel

This goes a long with the last one. But, we'd suddenly not have the money for that special trip to Pennsylvania I have planned every year for about 10 years. But, we'd have beer, cigarettes and dip. Such a pain and all I say is...I am packing my bags and ready to go and see the world..or the country.

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