Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prepping for a New Year

It's obvious this family has had quite a chaotic year. Between battling addiction, being on tv , getting kids in and out of doctors, hospital visits and wandering hearts...it's a wonder we've managed to stay intact. In reality we have not been a whole family for a year until recently. I felt like I have lost a whole year of family. Oh man, that was really hard to type but, it's reality it is what it is.
I took on the task of cleaning our house, as thorough as I can before the first. Devoting myself to one room at a time while praying over it. This is a test as for some time this year my personal relationship with God has been strained. I felt if God really loved me why would I be put through such things, I should know better. So, I am getting back on track with a few things in regards to that.
I tackled the kitchen as best as I could. My hips and tailbone paid for sure. I ended up in a ho shower later in the evening after dinner. The cold weather and second menstrual cycle in a month has left everything from the waist down riddle with aches and pains. Trying birth control as well as left my stomach and brain a mess. I feel like I have the flu and am so emotional I cry everyday.
I played Barrel of Monkey's with Hezekiah on one cleaning break and we ate lunch outside since the kitchen was our of commission. It was a productive day.

And because I can...

Momma and her tribe

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  1. This year sure has been a crazy one! Glad we are all in one piece. They say it has to get better, but sometimes, it doesn't. We just have to count our blessings an move forward with what we have. Hope you're doing alright!