Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Promises Broken By Our Alcoholic

This is a list compiled by both the kids and myself.

  1. We will go to the beach this year.
  2. We will go to the snow this year.
  3. We will go fishing this year.
  4. We will finish painting the house this week.
  5. We will go camping this year.
  6. We will go to the park today.
  7. We will get a new museum membership.
  8. We will visit Texas this year.
  9. We will take more field trips.
  10. I will stop drinking this year.

These are all promises he made and broke.


  1. Keep speaking your truth, because that's the worst thing about a relationship with an alcoholic is having to hide parts of yourself to keep things in balance. Speaking your truth is healthy, healing, and brave.

    Love, peace, & hope,