Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doctors and What Have You...

So, I had to visit my doctor today to get a new birth control pill. It goes against everything I believe in but, my cousin needs a kidney. With how my body works I'd have sex and end up pregnant. Seriously, it goes miscarriage then baby....I had a miscarriage in February. The NP thought I had my kids young but, she quickly realized I am 35. The lady at the counter wanted to schedule a mammogram. She quickly realized I am only 35, most patients are much older. So, I look young and look old all at once....GO ME!

The pill I was on gave me chest pains, and I am still having them. I had to get half naked and get and EKG. Why did I feel more exposed with my shirt off than when I have my PAP?

I made a nice ham dinner. I figure one or two really nice dinners a week make for good family memories. What smells better than a nice ham cooking? Okay, maybe some pies.

I went to my first Al-Anon meeting tonight. I am really unsure of the group. Maybe had the group leader explained how things worked I would have been so irritated. Also, I find things contradictory. Perhaps, I'd rather blog about it or talk to a friend than a group of people I don't know. We shall see. I honestly do not feel like crying any more. I'd rather dance or go shoot a gun.

Tomorrow Joaquin has a long lab. We are spending way too much time at the doctors lately. I hope it ends soon.

Love and Peace,
Momma and her tribe

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  1. I went to Al-anon for a couple meetings and it wasn't right for me. I have found other ways of learning things, one of them has been going through my counselor education program. Another has been making connections with some amazing feminist psychologists at Harvard. Life changing to say the least.