Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dirty Socks and Pills

Joaquin had to see his GI doctor on Monday. Normally he would be okay with seeing a doctor since he loves them. He loves the attention showered on him by the two he sees the most. If it's a sub he is tight lipped. Well, Monday he could not even look into Dr. Boltron's eyes. He was shy because Dr. Boltron has seen inside his body. That really creeped him out. I get that, I don't like looking the OB/GYN in the eyes.

The best part for me....dirty socks. I sent Joaquin in the room to get socks and he picks up dirty ones. I really just had to laugh. He swears they were clean when we left. Yet, he had shoes

The poor kid was told no dairy and to try to go no gluten. His bad bacteria in his small intestines are out of control. Another round of antibiotics after which he needs probiotics and kefir. YAY!

Yesterday, I took Maggie to the psychiatrist. For now no real diagnosis has been made. She is on meds to help with anxiety and depression. The doctor got to see her moods in mild action but, enough to get an idea of what is going on.

This is what she looked like 30 minutes after her meds. From what I gather it could be like this for a couple of weeks. It took so much for me to get to the point of seeking help. She has a therapist and a pediatrician who are helping as well. It's bad enough she suffers from hypoglycemia and now this. I just know, it's unfair for her to suffer mentally.

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