Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday is Fun Day?

Joaquin look perpetually displeased with life for one reason or another. Actually, I think it's his Autism becoming more noticeable as he's become more agreeable to photos. This morning we had to leave early to get to Loma Linda for a four hour breath test. When we got there, the place was decorated. He posed, reluctantly.

He had to drink some weird solution. He drank it up quick, probably because he was so thirsty and hungry. No breakfast for this poor guy. He did well, and did get tired. I even fell asleep for a bit. Why not?

Every 20 minutes for four hours he had to blow into these bags...interesting. He was not happy about wasting his breath.

Massive Santa Ana winds wrecked my foolishly unsecured gazebo. SIGH! I hope it can be salvaged.

Have and Awesome Weekend,
Momma and her tribe

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