Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh, What a Christmas!

Dexter Pajamas

Dexter and his Mario Bros. pajamas.

Joaquin Pajamas

Joaquin and his Batman pajamas

Maggie the Wolfff Girl

Maggie and her Ni hao Kai Lan pajamas.

Waylon Pajamas

Waylon and his Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

Hezzie Pajamas

Hezekiah and his Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

This turned out to be a good Christmas for the kids after all. The kids were able to have their Christmas Eve pajamas thanks to my friend Stephanie. They were so happy to see them when they were unwrapped. What can I say, we are blessed. My mother and sister Charlotte each got them a gift which was wonderful.
Earlier in the week Jimmy's parents sent money for gifts and such. We were able to get them a few more gifts than I had already purchased plus, stockings and stuffers...paper and what not. With all that had gone on this month I was unsure of what we'd have under the tree. But, I had put some money aside had some things made and hit K-Mart sales myself. One item was part of a bag of things a friend had given me. Such small blessings make for good memories.
We had a ham dinner with the fixings. Dairy free and gluten free except for the rolls. Trying to make things easy for Joaquin.
I've been in a great deal of physical pain and spent most of my day in bed. Jimmy made dinner and looked after the kids. He made a volcano with Waylon, played games and Polly Pockets. Christmas is about family and I am blessed to have a growing one that does not always include blood relation.

Merry Christmas,
Momma and her tribe

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