Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Goals for 2012

I have always made the same new years resolutions, lose weight and be healthy. Same old normal things. I know I am not a normal person. I am just me and losing weight is something I am already doing to give life to my cousin. So what's the point of adding all that in. So, I decided on setting 10 Goals instead. Here they are, feel free to share any goals you may have so we can encourage each other.

1.Shave my hair off...okay not to the skin and not super short. I have always wanted to do this. To be honest, I have a large round head. In my mind I visioned I would look like Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I decided, new year, new beginnings...let's have new hair. MISSION COMPLETED 01.01.2012

2.Pierce my nose. My nose is wide and a bit flat. I have a scar right on the top from a battle with chicken pox when I was in fourth grade. For years it was a source of great amounts of teasing (as was my head size). This year, it's getting pierced.

3.Read and review a book a week. I need to get back into this. For a few years I randomly get sent books to read and review. Well, I have decided to get more into it.

4.Walk or Ride my bike daily. This is something I enjoy very much and have no excuse not to do. Yesterday, I trail walked. Great times.

5.Complete NANOWRIMO I did it once...I can do it again.

6.Do two consistent service projects with my kids. Teach some compassion and learn life as we know it is not so bad.

7.Go to at least two concerts. I love live music and might as well embrace it before loud noises bother me. Who wants to come with?

8.Blog daily...My blog post from yesterday is still being written. Something to pass my time and share about daily life.

9.Visit two friends who live far away....or at least two friends. I miss so many of them and also want to meet some internet friends I have know for quite a few years. I need a cat sweater.

10. Get back into my community groups and garden.....these are things near and dear to my heart.

Go skydiving if I meet the weight requirements.

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