Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FREE!!! App Review: MOON

On Monday, the FedEx man brought my a loverly package. It was the same muted cardboard brown they all's what was inside that made it beautiful. Jimmy had ordered me, against my will of course, a refurbished iPad 2. Why do I mention it's refurbished? Because, I love used things.

The kids were equally excited. None of us has one, or any tablet for that matter. We began downloading free apps. There are a few WE are all amazed with. Simple but, so much learning happening with them.
This one today is the Moon. app. It's free and will tell you what your moon will be like that day and on other days. The kids love seeing the moon rise and moon set. It has info on the Moons phase and distance. These are actual screenshots from my iPad. I recommend it for any budding astronomer or anyone really.

I hope you enjoy this free app.
Get Moon. App HERE
Developers Website

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