Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day

We headed up to Oak Glen for a family photo shoot. We have not had any real family pictures taken since Hezekiah was a month old. That was just be setting up the shot and having my mom press the button when I had my beloved Nikon (so sad to see you go). Before was at an Olan Mills in 1999 when Dexter was a wee baby of two weeks old. So tiny so sweet and if I find that picture I will scan it.

My friend Stephanie is now taking pictures and in school for photography. She offered us a chance to have pictures done by here up at the park and old school house. So we packed a snack and headed up to that scenic place. For New Years day it was warm then, again this is Southern California. We had a fun time even though, most of the kids just wanted to hand out of the teeter-totter and eat oranges.

We had snacks, Jimmy played his guitar and we went on a really short trail walk. We came home and I crafted. We had a fun day and started off the new year as a family who is in the process of healing. Lives and hearts being mended and true to themselves.

Enjoy 2012.
Love Momma and her tribe

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