Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, Fun...err sick day

Despite the warm day time weather outside, the kids in my house have all fallen victim to a cold. The cold comes complete with coughing fits. I made two of the kids who just were not in the mood for the other kids some hot ginger tea with honey sticks. They drank most of it and napped. Then they played outside during the warmest part of the day running through the front and backyard laughing loudly. Needless to say, it lifted my spirits.

This is what night time looks around here these days. Medicines are handed out. It's heartbreaking for me to do so. I am really a hippie and naturalist at heart. In my heart I know sometimes you just have to give in to modern medicine when what you do alone is not enough.

This is my new favorite item. My cup full of cold brew Twinnings tea. I have been spoiled on mixed berry tea and agave nectar. After a long and disheartening week, I splurged on myself. The cup is new and from Big Lots.
For dinner I went out on a limb and we had hot wings. I justified it but saying the tea is healthy. Needless to say I won't be having hot wings for quite some time.
As the night progressed we all settled into bedrooms or the front room. The lights were out with just the glow of Toy Story 3 on the tv and we all started to doze off. I woke up sometime when the toys were trying not be recycled. I pried myself off of the papasan and called Jimmy to bed. We slept with a couple kids between us....or so I think I was too tired.

Hope your Friday was good.

Momma and her tribe

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