Monday, January 16, 2012

Visiting the Doctor and Tacos

I took Joaquin to his regular normal doctor today AKA Dr. Jennifer Keith. He had to get his blood pressure checked. It goes up and down a lot, so far no meds. Thank God for that miracle. He has lost one pound and grew about and inch. Go Joaquin!
She is trying to get him into his neurology appointment sooner because of his facial tic. Hopefully that pans out, April is a long ways away for this sort of thing.
While we were there he decided we should take some photos. Something we had a hard time doing with him for most of his toddler years. I think I like the lighting in the room, my skin looks amazing without any editing.

Joaquin kept talking about how much he loves tacos...tacos...TACOS!! I need to find a gluten free corn tortilla recipe. He even had the doctor smiling, perhaps she will have tacos for dinner.


Momma and Joaquin

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