Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy, busy day

I got up early and went to get groceries. I have to say sometimes I am surprised by the discount grocery store and it's offerings on gluten free foods. I was so happy to find these hot dog buns for him. After some grocery shopping we had to take Maggie to the psychiatrist. He did not like how she was reacting to the meds and changed one. She is much more spirited and herself after missing two doses of the one she was one. Momma is happy about that.
After that I finished up some shopping and picked up a few things from someone. I headed to get donuts for Maggie and then home. I had an hour to prepare for SSI phone interviews. Yes, two of them. I was on the phone for an hour and about thirty minutes since she took both cases. I did loads of laundry and headed back out for soaps. Came home and rested a bit.

In the early evening I took Maggie and Waylon to see Jimmy for dinner. This is something the kids have eagerly waited for. By Friday they will all of had their turn with him. While, we were waiting for him, they spotted snack machines and wanted me to buy them snacks. I declined and we watched the moon grow brighter before we went inside.
We came home and I retired to be as I felt a chest cold coming on and my eyes was hurting. Busy day and a lot was accomplished and my house was a wreck.

Momma and her tribe

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