Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feels Like Spring

It was a warm day here in Southern California. It feels a lot like spring today. Warm days, cold nights make the desert come alive. We had a nice afternoon trip planned with a couple friends. We went to our city's local museum and water conservation garden. We have been to events on this property before, and the kids love it.

We got to see so many things in the museum. We found that the mission closest mission church is Mission San Luis Rey...I think we have a field trip in the works. We found out so much about our dusty little town (thanks Lisa Ling) that we had never heard before. Including that the infamous old west shootout happened a mere block away from our current home. Imagine that?!
We also found out a Russian plane on a trip over the polar ice cap landed about five miles or so from our current home, they were supposed to land in San Diego.

After a trip in the museum the children explored the grounds and chatted up our friends. The younger kids made leaf boats with small pebble people, to race in the pond. Such a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

We are so blessed.
Momma and her tribe

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