Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sears and the Park

I went to Sears today for a webcam and iPhone charger. I decided to take all the kids so they could see the Christmas set up. They have lots of Charlie Brown stuff and it's our fave. Who doesn't like the down on his luck round headed guy?

And here is Mr. Hez with good ol Chuck and Snoopy.

They also checked out the 3D TV's and were so amazed. They wanted to know how they worked, were made and such...but, it was Sears and not a field trip.

We had a picnic at the park. One thing all the kids love is rolling down the hills. This is so fun to watch and have caught myself a time or two rolling with them. It was so nice to sit under a tree and watch them rolling down these green hills, laughing and carrying on. It was pretty grand.

The tire swing is Maggie's favorite. Now that she is more daring, always has been, she loves when her big brother flings her around on it.

Love and Fun Days,

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  1. SO cute, what a fun adventure!

    they sure do have a lot of fun!