Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have been so busy with the kids. Last Thursday, Maggie started Girl Scouts. She is a Brownie. Her troop is a Super Troop and she loves her leader. Look below and see her being all crafty! I signed up, as well. I did so, that way I could go on trips with her. We got membership scholarships, this works out because I still owe money on the van repair bill.

Girl Scouts

Friday night, I had a surprise, my lovely friend Tanni and her family were in town. We went to high school together. She is who the baby is being named after. She totally rocks and I hope to see her again, really soon.

With Tanni

Saturday I did a photo shoot on Saturday. Before the ceremony could officially begin, I got sick and ended up in the ER. How embarrassing. I am just glad I grabbed a bench before they shouted "Pregnant lady down!" Here are some of the photos from that shoot.


Sunday, we went to Del March Beach on Camp Pendelton. We went and visited my brothers family. It was such a nice relaxing time. Oh, how I have missed the beach and my brother. I can not wait to do it again, soon!

Joaquin EEG

Monday, that started early. Jimmy took the day off to take Joaquin to his EEG. It went fast, since he was not so wiggly this time. But, look at those things on his head and his hair all over. He looks like he was head banging and took a slip.

He was still tired and had Subway on the way home...where is mine?! It's a Loma Linda visit tradition for him.

Boy Scouts

Lastly, here are my two hippie boys at Boy Scouts. They had a blast last night. We only had to pay $5 a boy, so late in the year. We opted out of Boys Life magazine for now. When we pay for next year, we will get it.
I am 23 weeks and some days pregnant....going fast!


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