Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scouts in MY House?

Back in 2005 my oldest was a scout. Some family things and the troop leadership got in the way, and here we are seven years later starting again. He will be starting soon as will Joaquin and Waylon. Maggie starts Girl Scouts tomorrow.
I keep asking myself how did this all happen? I had sworn off scouting as it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Then the kids began asking again and more often. So this month they will all be doing something they want. In the end, it's their choice. Dexter had wavered for a bit on joining because of the whole "anti-gay" thing. He feels it's unfair to leave people out. However, he also knows that he could in fact change peoples minds, maybe not now but one day. He is a great kid.
The picture to the left my Dexter in 2005 with my mom in the local Christmas parade, he lost a six on the route.
I am excited for my kids, this is just yet another thing they get to do that I never did.


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