Saturday, August 4, 2012

Of Seizures and Brothers

I have been avoiding blogging lately as to not complain. You know, sometimes life throws us curve balls. The van has been in the shop for longer than needed, my iPhone will not restore. Just things, things that are not life ending just frustrating.

Joaquin has been staying up WAY too late, even with melatonin. He says he has been worried he is going to get sick. "Mom, I always get sick in August. It ruins my birthday. It's just bad luck." Strange thing is, none of us recall this bad luck. However, Joaquin has been known to tolerate sickness and pain for long periods of time without telling us. I have to say, it's probably his Autism.
Last night he was up pretty late and fell asleep on the living room floor. Around 1:20 am he sort of sat up and was seizing. He came out of it foaming and spitting. I ended up being awake for some time after that. He fell back to sleep and until this afternoon was pretty tired. He will be seeing his neurologist again pretty soon. Joaquin will also be having his MRI and EEG soon.

Joaquin has a MRI not too long ago. The neurologist from Loma Linda called me today. Hezzie has a cyst on his right temporal lobe. From what he says, it's pretty sizable and putting pressure on his brain. The doctor will be referring him to pediatric neurosurgery. He has an EEG soon and hopefully that will tell us more. I have to say the neurologist they both see is pretty amazing.
When I got this news, I was not anxious. I was not worried and still will not. I know in the end, worry for's like picking an infected wound. It makes things worse and nothing gets accomplished. Also, it's not about me as mom, it's about him (them). It's about making sure they have a life outside of my own expectations. I love my boys.


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  1. Oh Anita, that is a very, very hard road to travel for you all. Much love, hugs and prayers. Please keep us posted.