Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Today was in no way as productive as yesterday. However the living room is clean. Hezzie has speech, his dad took him since he missed work today. I watched videos on river dolphins with Maggie and read some books with a couple of the kids. Hezzie is loving this dragon book we got from the library. The pictures have texture, I like that in a book as well.

I was texted by someone I had attended meetings with and she upset me greatly. She said some unkind words to me, that had me wondering how long...long time drunks stay selfish or if AA brainwashes people. Apparently, working on yourself to this women means she can not see past her Big Book and into real life.

Our plumbing has gone crazy. We have to wait until morning for someone to come out and see what is going wrong with it. The joys, this sent Jimmy over the edge and every flaw in my character was attacked. I think he needs stress management. I know I am not the best at anything I do, and maybe one day something I do will be's just not now. I hate when bumps in the road cause so much damage.

Joaquin has been asking for sushi and keeps reading the Yoko book I mentioned yesterday. The little girl in it has sushi. He started a book on asteroids today.

Hope tomorrow is much better.

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