Tuesday, February 28, 2012

13 years

Ready for a date (blogtag)

Yesterday we celebrated 13 years of marriage. Obviously, not always wonderful and amazing years....but, we have survived and come out strong this round. There is no hiding the fact that a lot has happened the past two years that fractured us, and we all know fractures take longer to heal than breaks.
To say I love this man is an understatement. There is really no word to express how I feel about him deep inside. I do say "I love you", as well as "Ugh, you infuriate me." There is that balance in our life that keeps us between becoming a Sith and Jedi. There were times when one of us was on the Dark Side and the other on the Light Side, sometimes we both were in it together. Love somehow helps us balance it out in the end.
I am very grateful life has given us so many ups and downs as a couple. If it had always been so easy, I don't think I would up for the fight of staying together. I know a lot of superstitious people think 13 is an unlucky number...like my brother I think it's a number of luck. Here's to hoping for 13 more!!!

Jimmy Dressed Up (blogtag)

We started our day yesterday like every other day. We headed over the hill and went to babysit for a friend. We had fun with her kids that we were watching. Her one son hugged me and it melted my heart. Autistic kids just don't hug everyone, or cuddle them. After she came home we headed to the nearest Casino for a lunch buffet. My dad works there and we chatted him up a bit. The main reasons for eating there is it was cheap with a discount card and my dad wanted us to stop by. I have to stop here and thank a few people for making possible for us to have an anniversary date, Heather (and family), Stephanie and my dad. You'll never know how much this meant to us.
We ate some delicious foods, gassed up the van and got some groceries. We picked up the kids at Stephanie's house and headed home.
I have to say, it was a good day.

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