Monday, February 13, 2012

Reader Question #2 Favorite Things

What are your favorite things?

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." No but, really.

1. My iPhone 4
2. My iPad 2

I can honestly say these two electronic devices have streamlined my life. The calendar and document keeping have made my life easier...and for some reason a bit more busy.

3. My Geek Eyewear Glasses

Close up

I have not had glasses since my cateyes I have really liked so much. They are so me that when I first saw them I made it a mission to claim them (think Wayne and the guitar in Wayne's World). In my head I repeated "Oh yes, they will be mine."

4. Tazo Lotus Tea

This tea does not even need sweetener of any sort. It's so light and fruity. If you have not tried it, I will cry. Really, I like all sorts of teas this being my favorite hot tea.

5. My Madsen Cycle

I wanna wake up where you are

For my 11th wedding anniversary this showed up at my doorstep (okay two weeks later but, it was ordered in time.) This bike is a beauty and draws attention. She can haul so much and quite a few kids.

6. My Threadless Thermos

Recently got this from my husband. I carry it soda for water. Well, okay mostly trading. Look my iPad made an appearance.

7. My papasan

It comforts nursing mommas, babies, kids and even silly dogs.

8. My music collection

No picture it's not organized. I love music so much...

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