Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catching my Breath

It has been a seemingly busy week. I feel like I have not been able to catch my breath. The week started with Jimmy and backache that kept us home. We turned in our cable for Netflix and will be hooking up our antennae again soon. Dexter had a psychiatry appointment which has ended with his being medicated. I honestly wonder some days if these "chemical imbalances" are not somehow linked with my irrationality while pregnant. I know if I wonder too long I will make myself crazy...umm crazier.
Jimmy was put on Wellbutrin which needs to stop. He is a easily aggitated and let me just say, not in his normal I stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night way. He called his psychiatrist today and we are waiting hear back. I can say that Maggie is doing much better and his so lively now. YAY! Good news, right?

Jimmy is volunteering at HVRC once a week and I think it will do him good to give back. We have been spending a bit of time having "in home mini dates". The other day he made some hot tea and I set the table. He broke out the tea biscuits, we talked and read. It can be done with five kids roaming the house.

Creativity is blooming. We need to collect more cardboard boxes. The kids love making things from them. I am hoping to get my hands on appliance ones. Then they can make cities and such, or make them a bit more easy.

Oh and this guy is teaching me guitar!!

Momma and her tribe

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