Tuesday, February 14, 2012


One year, I am thinking two or three years ago I got flowers delivered to me on Valentines Day, several years before that I got a set of jewelry (that later got stolen). Occasionally I would get a card and sometimes my husband would utter "Our anniversary is two weeks away, this is just cheating." In his defensive, he was an alcoholic. I resigned myself to reading to the kids about St. Valentine and making is a special day for them.
Today was supposed to be different, but we have no control over the forces that be. We were wrongly told the date Jimmy would get his disability check and so promises went by the wayside. To say I was not disappointed would be a lie, at the same time I wasn't broken up about it. Unlike some girls I am not used to dinners, flowers and nice gifts...I am used to passing out candy to my kids and making a nice meal for my husband. So, there were no tears shed or complain how it sucks to be broke...I am used to not celebrating. I did however get a lot out of today. My husband and I exchanged cards this morning. We spent some time alone this morning and we were close. He has not been feeling well, he hurt his back and is adjusting to antidepressant medication. I got to help me husband be comfortable, even if it means sleeping in separate beds. I got to help a friend who was in need. Today, it was not about roses and chocolates it was about love.
Love comes in many forms. Love can be a kiss on lips, a back rub or even giving up the last of your Motrin to your husband. Love can be giving a ride, picking up a few things for a friend or thinking about someone you miss. Love can be shown by giving tiny heart shaped boxes to your kids filled with bite sized chocolates or laying in bed watching a movie with them. Love honestly, does not cost money or require a babysitter. Love just is.....


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