Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Did The Week Go?

To say that I have not been so busy in my life, is in no way a stretch of the truth. Between daily meetings, volunteering, doctors appointments and such...I can hardly find time to nap. Okay, that last part is a lie, I do nap. I am up no later than 4:30 am to start my day and smell fresh coffee brewing (thanks Jimmy).
The kids had an amazing week last week. They spent quite a bot a time with daddy on Thursday and Friday while I was volunteering at Jimmy's treatment center with the family program they run. It was really nice to help what little I did, mostly greeting and participating in the event itself. This is something I am hoping to continue to do.

We put our rings back on, nearly 18 months to the date after removing them. Does this mean everything is perfect? No. However, we are working hard and becoming more understanding of what it means to be married to flawed individuals. Some days I think God has filling me with patience, not to say I do not get frustrated. His memory and attentions span is still something I am working on living with. I've decided that if he walks out of the room mid-conversation instead of yelling, I'll text him. Seems to work if he feels his phone buzzing.

Speaking of Jimmy...he celebrated 90 days sober on Sunday. He said 60-90 was the hardest. I am just glad he is doing this for himself, not because I was insistent or because he was sent by a court. He is working his program to the best of his ability. I hope he knows how much he has made our life different and better. Besides his program he is working with his psychiatrist on uncovering underlying issues. He is noticing his actions and thoughts more, and working on correcting them when he can.

Life has become a series of daily accomplishments....


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