Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BiPolar Disorder and Addiction

I talked to someone not too long ago and was told that many doctors (including the founder of Jimmy's treatment center) believe BiPolar disorder go hand in hand. Alcoholism in fact tends to be more common with those who suffer from mania more than depression while those with the more depressive sides of this abuse methamphetamine. Then there are those who sway back and forth equally who tend to abuse both.

For people like my husband, more manic, the alcohol at first helps them maintain a level of "normalcy". They seem to function better and for him, he was more social. He was for most of the time functioning. He never lost his job, got a DUI or called in sick to work. Looking back I could see that during the times he drank less he was more manic, spending and antsy. Sometimes he would get depressed and sneak my pain meds for my gall bladder. At one point I made a comment I thought he was BiPolar like his mother. He said I was, and maybe I am.

In my heart of hearts I knew in some way addiction and mood disorders kind of danced with each other. One would serenade the other and do some sort of tango. I never really looked into it because, I am just a mom, a wife with lost of ideas and no real resources for them. It wasn't until I realized my daughter is BiPolar and my oldest son showed the same tendencies I looked more into it. It makes sense looking at the people in my life who have suffered from the brutal disease of addiction who try to maintain a "normal" mood, or life. My thought it there is only "normal" for you. The insanity of addiction and BiPolar disorder together is a nasty mix. When you can work on the addiction and see the insanity of your moods and work on that, life is much more manageable. That's not to say you won't have episodes where the insanity is more apparent.

I hope this has helped someone besides myself.

Much Love.


  1. You are a wonderful mother. Keep striving to stay sober and do the best for your kids. :)