Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Momma not Mutha

Sometimes I look at this spectacle of a life I have and have to laugh. If I don't I would be one depressed mutha. You read that. I have a lot of private messages, texts and emails from people. Most I have never met who tell me, they feel like they know me because I am so open with my life. I really have nothing to hide, except the state of my bedroom. I need a dresser. Well, besides that I really don't feel the need to hide anything. For years I hid Jimmys alcoholism and what did that get me? Let's see. Oh, I got accused of making it up, I was alos blamed for it. You know being married to a lazy housewife with lots kids will do that to a man. Anyhow, nothing to hide. Nothing is embarrassing to me except when my friend Angie goes on Facebook and brings up a crush I had in high school. But, that's fun embarrassing.

We do seems to have rounds  of chaos here. Or what could seem like chaos to others and usually is to Jimmy. Right now Hezzie is back at Loma Linda Childrens Hospital. He is waiting to get his surgery site tapped again. There is a possibility of another surgery. I really hope not, I am praying this won't happen. In the meantime, Maggie has TONS of Girl Scout Cookies to sell, Waylon gets his first Cub Scout awards on Thursday. Joaquin has an MRI coming up and Dexter has youth camp coming up. I hope I can make the latter part happen.


Now, I will say thank you for all the love and prayers...keep them coming.


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