Monday, January 28, 2013

Birds Attack


And cookie time is here Maggie put up her "lemonade stand" to sell right at lunch time. She waved her sign and smiles. She sold six boxes and then closed up shop. The cold wind was making her face red and she was ready for a snack. What I like is that she has the initiative and motivation to be out there. She smiles and is just coming out of her shell with this.



My kids are all into Angry Birds. We have several small soft and hard toys for the kids. My mom even bought Hezzie a HUGE stuffed red Angry Bird for Christmas and Santa brought them Angry Birds tooth brushes with bags. Well, today one of the small hard Angry Birds flew into Hezzies head. It hit him smack in his swollen area, yep the still swollen spot from his surgery. So now we have to watch and make sure nothing funky happens. If he starts barfing, seizing, walking funny or complaining of pain....we get to go to the ER. We can also take him if we think it's just getting too swollen. We all know the brain does not like pressure. We also know Hezzie does not like the ER or being in the hospital. Keep him and Jimmy in prayers. Why Jimmy? He can't deal with stress when is comes to Hezzies brain. I have learned to....and then I see the differences in the pictures. The one above was from this morning, below was not too long after the Angry Bird went on attack.



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