Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fussy Pants

Tanni has been a total fussy pants today. I don't think she was in a good mood or she just wanted to snuggle. Probably just wanted to snuggle. Who wouldn't want to snuggle with me in bed all day? Okay, maybe just her.

I had a couple cups of hot tea this morning. Did a morning meditation and thought how I could be a better person today. I prayed for myself and those around me. By nature I am kind of aggressive and pessimistic. Well, kind if is sugar coating it. I see those traits in some if my kids and I want to model different behaviors. I don't want my kids to want to abandon me when they come of age. In my heart I'd like to think I'd get phone calls and letters. Not just on holidays. Visits and pictures if grandkids. I can only hope.
Until the future shows itself, I've got to work on myself and my kids.


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